The Hub: supporting the Copernicus Programme

The Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub (the Hub) supports the European Union’s Copernicus Programme. It covers a Region of Interest (ROI) consisting of Australasia, South-East Asia, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and the Australian Antarctic Territory.

The Hub was built as a first port of call for bulk government and scientific research users. It was established under a series of partnership agreements including:

  • consortium partners that finance the operations and management
  • delivery partners that provide data syncing and distribution across the globe
  • supporting partners that facilitate free access to the data

What we provide

The Hub provides our ROI with a:

  • unique and valuable resource for Sentinel-1, -2, -3 and 5P mission products, from the beginning of the mission to the current date within 12 hours of satellite overpass
  • sovereign copy with data provenance, ensuring ongoing security and data supply
  • cost-effective way to sync and share petabytes of Sentinel products from Europe

We enable the use and delivery of:

  • Sentinel products by and for other government agencies served directly and indirectly by the partners and industry users
  • Sentinel products by and for the benefit of other countries in our region
  • a range of remote sensing products actively used in strategic and tactical public and private organisation decision making

How we operate

We use existing government research and digital infrastructure to move large volumes of satellite data across the globe in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

The Hub resides at the National Computing Infrastructure (NCI), allowing it to leverage off national digital research infrastructure. This saves data transfer costs (up to $1 million was saved in the first 18 months of operating the Hub), and provides a central point for data analytics, curation, custodianship and management.


Contact copernicusaustralasia@ga.gov.au for queries related to:

  • data
  • Sentinel product requests
  • issues with products downloaded from the Hub

Contact help@nci.org.au / +61 2 6125 3437 for queries related to:

  • SARA or NCI THREDDS access