Important changes to the Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub

Over the next 6-12 months, we will be making significant upgrades to the Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub (the Hub). This is to ensure that the Hub remains compatible with the Copernicus programme’s new Data Space Ecosystem platform (CDSE). The CDSE is expected to replace SciHub, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) public access Sentinel Data Hub, at the end of September 2023.

The upgrades to the Hub include transitioning to a new software platform, GAEL Store Service (GSS), and updating the portal’s graphical user interface, as well as reconfiguring our data acquisition processes to integrate with the CDSE. We will also change how our data is stored at the National Computational Infrastructure facility (NCI). As well as the new user interface there will be changes in the APIs used to access the Hub’s data.

The new GSS platform will improve robustness, reliability and provide more flexible system management, allowing us to utilise the latest storage and network technologies for our ever-growing Sentinel data collection. We expect the new platform and user interface will go live in line with ESA’s change to the CDSE at the end of September.

Initially, the GSS system will only contain new Sentinel data as it is synchronised from the CDSE. However, over the remainder of the year we will migrate our collection of archived products across to the new system, eventually decommissioning Sentinel Australasia Regional Access (SARA) and our legacy Hub mid-2024. During this transition period, it may be necessary to access products from both the old and new systems. In addition, users who access the Hub via scripts or APIs will need to update their systems and processes to access data from the new system.

We are available to assist during the transition. If you are a frequent user of the Copernicus Australasia Hub, or if these interruptions will significantly affect your access to Sentinel data, please contact us at for assistance.

More information on the upgrade project, including schedule and progress details, will be made available soon. Please watch for further updates via email and on our website.