Important changes to the Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub - Update #2

As mentioned in our last news update, the Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub (the Hub) is undergoing a major upgrade to align services with the Copernicus programme’s new Data Space Ecosystem platform (CDSE).

At this stage we are deploying the new platform and conducting test ingestions with the CDSE and are expecting to move to the new GAEL Store Service (GSS) platform for the synchronisation of new products when ESA phases out their legacy hubs in the next few weeks. The CDSE has been live for some time now and we highly recommend that you explore its services at

As our new GSS platform will be changing the APIs used to access the Hub's products, users will need to adapt their scripts and code to new OData APIs in order to continue to access products as they are published. We are currently working with our partners to produce some guidelines to help in this process, but in the meantime, documentation on the new APIs can be found at A Python library compatible with the new Hub platform has been developed and is available from

We are working on a schedule for transitioning our archived products to the new platform and will provide the migration timeline as soon as possible. A dedicated hub upgrade project page has been published on the Copernicus Australasia website, which we will keep up to date as we progress. Please visit if you would like more information on what we are doing. If you are a frequent user of the Copernicus Australasia Hub, or if you are concerned that these interruptions could significantly affect your access to Sentinel data, please contact us at for assistance.