Important changes to the Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub - Update #5

The project to update the Copernicus Australasia Regional Data Hub (the Hub) to align services with the Copernicus programme’s new Data Space Ecosystem platform (CDSE) is progressing, however data synchronisation issues between the new Hub and the CDSE platform continue. We are continuing to work very closely with the European Space Agency (ESA) to resolve these issues and to utilise the best available sources for the synchronisation of Sentinel products.

The next step is to deploy the new GSS platform using optimal sources of Sentinel data, with the new GSS platform expected to be operational in April. Once the new platform has been deployed, all new Sentinel products will only be available via the new GSS portal and APIs. As stated in previous updates, users will need to update their scripts and code to new OData APIs in order to continue to access products as they are published. Documentation on the new APIs can be found at A command line tool and Python library compatible with the new Hub platform has been developed and is available from

If you currently access Hub products directly from the filesystem at the NCI, the new GSS platform will change the folder structure where products can be found. This will impact workflow scripts that rely on predicting where new products are located. Recommended access is via the new command line tool and Python library.

Once the new GSS platform is operational we will begin to migrate our archive products to the new system. During this time unmigrated products will continue to be available via the old Hub and SARA portal.

For more information on the Hub Upgrade Project, please see: